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My First Carving

Joey G.

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So what did you experiende while carving this piece, did you think it was difficult to do?

My first woodcarving was an indonesian figure and I just only a pocketknife.

Maybe you should work a bit more on the nose? And also work more to a finished piece?

After 4 or 5 years carving netsuke I still find it difficult to get a perfect finish, so start early you will

make great things later on! Looks good and keep on going.



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Thanks Bart, I am still working on the piece. I really enjoyed working on it. I didn't find it to difficult. I have been checking out the netsuke and I am interrested in trying some. I ran a cabinet shop for years and the guy who trained me to run it taught me to do everything so I have a lot of finish experience in all kinds of finishes. This type of finishing will be different I am sure but I am sure I will figure it out. I hope to learn a lot on here from folks like you with a lot more experince in wood carving than I have. Once again, Thank you for your kind words. A little encougagement goes a long way. I agree with you on the nose. I just haven't felt the cuts yet so I am a little timid to put my knife to it just yet. As I work on the rest of the stick I am sure it will come to me. I find that I enter a almost meditative state when I work with wood. Especially with the carving. The wood "speaks" more than in other types of wood working I have done where I am forcing the wood to do what I want.

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So when you are a bit further with this work you show some more pic's? I understand that this is a different technic more american folklore carving. Completely different than netsuke carving, but well I started with just a piece of wood as well... I believe most works are finished in wax, to colour in different colours.

If you like to make netsuke later on, try to make your cuts more smooth, just little by little

Also look on this forum for different tools we use for carving netsuke, most is made by the artists itself....

you'll love it!

Cheers Bart

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Hello everybody,

Don't really want to write this, but for some reason it seems that I wrote something offensive to some of you tiki carvers. Well... to these people i would like to say sorry for having a diffirence interest, just like to see netsuke works as well...

Don't get me wrong but I just want to support different works as well..

so for now enjoy your thing and goodbuy...

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