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Clothes Pin Vise


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I noticed the other day that Janel had mentioned a tool that is on my tips page on my website. As it would be much easier for me to post this message than you having to go to my website here it is.


After grinding my fingernails and the tips of my fingers to the point of bleeding while doing tiny stones for my inlay work a friend of mine Raymond Yazzie showed me a tool his brother Lee Yazzie came up with to hold tiny pieces of stone. The tool was so simple to make and worked so well in holding the tiniest piece firmly it amazed me.




To make the tool pull apart a standard wooden clothespin , file a small V- slot and insert a piece of wire, I sawed a finishing nail for this purpose, once done wrap the end of the clothespin with a stout rubber band, grind the tip angle opposite of what came on the clothespin then use your new clamp to hold a tiny piece of stone and you to will be amazed.


I also use this tool in my smithing, many times you need to saw a small piece that is almost impossible to hold.


Hope you all like it ............ All my best ..... Danny

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