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Good question


Ive tried many methods but the one

I prefer is firstly


- carve out the hollow where I want the paua to fit leaving a small circle of bone in the middle the hollwed out shape looks like an o making sure it is deep enough


- once it is sized I get a peice of masking tape and stick it over the top then i press it down real hard to create an impression which I then outline with a sharp pencil


- once completed I remove the tape and stick it to a peice of paua that I have already prepped the pencil outline gives me a pretty good idea as to how to shape and cut the paua I usually drill out the middle then carefully use the dremel to get the hole the right size


- when all this is done I take off the tape and fine tune the fit by placing the paua over the hole this takes practice skill and patience if you cut to much paua you have to start again


- once satisfied I use PVA glue to stick it in place (this glue seems to bond paua and bone extremely well I have never had an inlay fall out)


sometimes with the Manaia and other carvings I sand the inlay flush with the bone


the only problemb I have is sometimes the paua gets jammed in the hollowed out shape be fore I can glue it lolz


any thoughts suggestions or advice would be appreciated

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A useful trick that jewelers use in fitting stones, primarily cabochons, into bezels (and getting the stones back out!) is to place dental floss in an "X" on the area where the stone fits before trying the fit of the stone. That way you have a way to pull the stone back out if it's a tight fit. Just make sure that the strings are long enough to grab hold of. I don't know that you could make this work with what you're doing, it looks like your inlay is really small.


This Tiki looks really good, you are improving by leaps and bounds.


Debbie K

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Nice carving.

When I do similar inlays I tend to make the shell part first and then draw round the shell onto the bone - keeping tight with a very sharp pencil - and then excavate the hole up to the edge of the pencil lane .

Start with a hole that is too small and slowly enlarge as you test the shell.


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thanx all for the advice


-Billy cheers how are you doing your inlays your inlays seem to have a 3D quality to them

-Debbie wonderful idea I never would have thought of it

-Sandy Simple yet effective

-Jason cant wait to try this technique with blu tak

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