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Corian Manaia Pt 2 The Glass Versions


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OK so here it is and I know technically its not carving but glass casting has ben a refreshing change from bone ( and I did carve the master mould from corian).


I found the temptation of translucent colour was to seductive so after betraying bone for corian I cheated on my faithful craft again by taking a few night classes with coloured glass casting ! ;)


The blue manaia has a splatter of a colour called red-orange on the fish's head although it seems orange the thicker the casting becomes the more it becomes red.


If you would like to see the myriad of glass casting colours just google Gaffer glass and you should be able to find their colour charts(printable) they also stock a colour called rhubarb which is

actually pink and lime green at the same time?????? post-2817-0-98075800-1300449929.jpgpost-2817-0-28268700-1300450100.jpgpost-2817-0-78688300-1300450122.jpgpost-2817-0-30098900-1300450146.jpg

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Thanks so much for sharing the completed casting! I went to Gaffer glass and looked at their American distributors and frit. I just don't think I can justify buying all the stuff I'd need to do the glass casting at this time.


From the look of the photos, you did not get smooth glass in the areas where the carving is smooth. Is this correct or am I just seeing it wrong? Obviously you are making your own mold, is it simply jeweler's type investment or something more sophisticated? Also, are you finding it necessary to add vents to get a complete casting, or do the shallower carvings not require it?


Sorry for so many questions, but I'm really interested in the process. I've done enameling and tried to do a little glass casting, and I've read as much as I could find on the internet about glass casting (about a year ago, there may be more information out there now). It's just nice to talk to someone who is actually doing it to find out how it works.


Debbie K

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Your questions are most welcome in fact I had you in mind when I posted these !


Glass casting can be very expensive but try to investigate any schools or universities or even social clubs in your area that run glasscasting education proggrammes if you do succeed you will have access to alot more equiptment (eg pottery Kiln ) without having to purchase it the clay is reusable the wax is reuseable and even the glass is reusable(trust me I have broken up failed castings and remelted them. network to save costs(try researching gaffer glass and they are selling to.


I used a flat back casting technique to make these but have utilised the jewelers lost wax method to create bowls


because we cast with silica flour and plaster the glass does come out frosted and not smooth

it is possible to smooth the glass but it is a labour


no need for venting unless your angry with someone in your class lolz


below is a picture of a bowl I cast from scrap and recycled castings and a trinket box and lid made from the colour orange red I mentioned before with the flat back patterns the exposed part on the top can be quite smooth some times hope these inspire you to not to give up andpost-2817-0-23553000-1300496375.jpgpost-2817-0-45345200-1300496394.jpgpost-2817-0-36979900-1300496428.jpgpost-2817-0-18292100-1300496446.jpg good luck with your endevours


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