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New Maori Carvings

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Hi all these are my latest carvings.

The first carving is a overlay Hei-Matau about 17 hours work on this piece the inlay is buffalo horn, the second carving is a Maori patu round about 20 hours work this piece was for one of my cousins he has a similar one he has had it for about 35 years but unfortunately he dropped it and the neck broke so he asked me to make a new one for him inlay for the eye of the Manaia is buffalo horn, The third peace is a Koru inspired design carved out of buffalo horn inlay is cattle bone about 9 hours work hope u all in joy. :)









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thanks Billy it means a lot to hear that from u bro. your work and the detail u carve in your peaces is amazing B)

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Is there any information on TCP or if anyone possibly has a link of how to do inlays like this that is in the center of the piece rather than on the outside? I work with bone and would like to see how its done on same material. Thank!

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