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Hello From France.

Thomas M.

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Hello carving path adepts,


My name is Thomas MICHEL and am a 26 years old french guy. I live in France, close to Nantes, in the contry side.


I am a blacksmith (do it as a hobby) and forge knives. For months I was looking and reading some wonderful websites ( Jake Powning's one , Gregory Delaunay or Laurent Gerdil for example). You already know some of them and I guess you can imagine how my heart sped up when thinking about things I would do on my knives...:rolleyes:


I finally found out the Carving Path and the amazing folks posting here. I carved a couple of pieces, from trials to mistakes and more happy things. I am not yet able to carve 3D things but try to keep improving my skills on raised patterns on my handles and later knives garnements.


I will try to gather few pics of my work and post them here.


I would like to thank you for the huge amount of knowledge you share on this forum, and I hope that I will be able to bring some pieces of information from mine.


Thanks again, and looking forward to reading you.




PS: If I do big mistakes when writting english, do not hesitate to tell me :lol: (a french guy, and God knows how french people are bad in foreign languages, who learned British english at school, speaking english with a lot of people except from native speakers, trying to write correct American english... ouch.)

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First, my tools. I forged the three on the top (now mounted with palm handles) and the two on the bottom were the firsts I bougth in order to try carving.


On the second picture, I bougth some new and more specific chisels with a batch of ebony wood :wub:. You can see two of the forged chisels mounted.



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Then I received my curved chisels. But I have to tell that I mostly use the straigth ones (the one I forged).


And now, the project I am working on. A Nordic inspired knife, I forged the blade (XC75 steel), used old iron (old cart wheel iron reinforcement) for the garnment and ebony for the handle.


The blade:



The project:



The knife mounted, ready to be carved:



No updated pics but rough carving is almost done, now need to refine details, texture backgrounds and polish for finishing.

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