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Birth of a hummingbird


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Hi Dick,


The humming bird pictures are remarkable, aren't they! The person taking the photos has a great camera for the job and was immensely fortunate to have located the nest!


I just tried color on the wood that the dragonfly is carved from today! I have determined that spray lacquer will be the finish for that part. I am testing both oil and water based color, with the spray lacquer over it, to see what happens. The maple base is coming along with an oil/urethane mixture*, and I've settled on a technique that produces a surface that I can live with. Meanwhile, I am carving a piece of macassar ebony while the testing and surface finishing goes on in the background. Its a circus! One week to go then I've got to stop and do the shuffle that gets all things in order for departure for the show. I kind of like working such long hours. I get a lot of forward movement with a piece with such a discipline!




*Correction, the finish is a rubbing oil and stain and finish (neutral or no color) by Woodsheen.

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