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Instrument Carver Wannabe From Nc

Andy B

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Hello all,


I have had a long term interest in carving and making musical instruments as a hobbyist that I hope to make my semi-retirement profession someday. I am in my mid 50s now, so my plans are starting to be a little more concrete. I found this site looking at various carved woodwinds and stumbling on Yuri's ocarina.


I make whistles like this one:




Which is a little rough but actually properly tuned. Most of my whistles are ending up in the hands of kids as toys right now as I try to get better at it. I plan to start adding carved elements to the whistles as their quality improves. I have made a few string instruments as well:



and done carving on some of them:




and I often make my own patterns:




A lot of my carving I do for my kids.



There is fur patterned under that thick coat of paint. I had to swallow hard when my daughter said she wanted to paint it.


I also turn:



and I have a threaded spindle that fits in my PanaVise so I can combine carving and turning on bowls.


I do a bit of scroll saw work that is sometimes combined with carving (if you consider contouring as carving):




I do the odd spoon:



a few woodcuts:



and various other projects.

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