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Another Newbie From California

Larry R

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Hello everyone


My name is Larry Ross form Northern California and I'll be 60 this year. As Janel said it's going to be a great decade! I agree! I've long had a soft spot in my heart for miniature things and the art making of them. This website has given me the inspiration & information I believe I'll needed to begin my quest in carving. So many talented folks here! In particular I've wanted to work with ivory, bone & wood but haven't felt I had the knowledge to do so. Over the years I have picked up different pieces of ivory & bone with the thought that I would someday get started carving.


I have in the past designed and made dollhouse scale miniatures on an Equestrian and Native American themes. In the process I've learned to do lost wax casting which was a wonderful learning curve.


I haven't carved anything yet but the plans are in the works. The pictures below are a couple of the pieces I've made from scratch about 15 years ago.


The first picture is some of the ivory and bone that I've picked up over the years. This will be my starting stock for carving.


The other pictures are a racing sulky and harness (the model horse was done by a friend in 1/9 scale). The other vehicle is called a Viceroy and is used in showing high stepping horses. That one is 1/12 scale.


Glad to be here.







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