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Carved Citrine And Ring

Hans Meevis

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I carved this rough citrine into


this one. I found that it looked better upside down and so I carved a ring out of wax


Like this, and I cast is into 18ct gold.


But I didn't like it at all when it was finished.Never mind setting any stones into it.


So I then made another ring which I like much more.

This was a very difficult design for me.

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Hello Hans!


Thank you for posting this series of photos! The pictures tell quite a story on their own, and your narration is appreciated even in its brevity.


The final ring looks very complex. Do I see two different metals? The citrine looks cradled in the jeweled frame. I begin to imagine a story for the somewhat organically shaped citrine finding its resting place in a bright and sparkling cradle. The outward thrust of the sides suggest celebration and offering of something special to be seen within.


There must be so many possibilities and solutions with every stone that you shape and carve.


It is good to see your work!



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Thanks Janel, and indeed there are two metals, white and yellow gold.

To explain, there is a faceted cut called the 'opposed bar cut' which gives a nice 'pixillated' effect, which I have cut on many occasions.. I decided to try carving this design and see if the pixilation could be mimicked with the attendant softness that carving a gemstone gives, as opposed to the rigid flatness of faceted gemstones.

Unfortunately, as in many of my gemstone carvings, it did not look good the way I envisaged it.

But it looked much better upside down....

Soooo, I decided to try design a ring that uses the citrine upside down.

This was quite difficult.( for me, anyway.)

I actually made three attempts before I was semi happy.

The setting in the 'half moon' bars on the side of the ring proved to be quite tricky, because the citrine had to be set first, ( by squeezing the bars inwards, thus locking the citrine into place),then 18 diamonds were set on the top of the bars and then the sandawana emeralds and diamonds were set into the sides.(32 stones in all.) This took me a long time under a microscope.

Also, I could not drill through the half moon bars, because then there would be holes and they would be visible when one looks down on the ring.

I left the shank and shoulders relatively plain, because the setting bars and citrine are already a bit noisy.

It weighs 21 grams and looks nice on the hand and it looks like it's pre sold.....here's



This is what it looks like the right way around. A bit like a bicycle helmet, me thinks.

This piece is also a bit symbolic to me because it is the last piece I have made in my Caribbean workshop. I am closing my shop/workshop and moving it to Europe, probably Germany this week.

Exciting times lie ahead.

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Hello Hans,


I rather agree with your opinion about the convex side up citrine looking like a bicycle helmet, unfortunately. It is such an attractive gem and the cut gives it quite a personality.


Thank you for the description of some of the process for making this piece. Such precision and careful work. It is good to hope that it is pre-sold!


Moving!?! That is quite a decision to make, to move back to a four seasons country! I wish for you a good packing up of your work shop and home, and a safe journey. Please let us know when you have landed and settled?



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