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Kenneth asked about a week ago how the new studio is coming along, I guess all I can say is slowly but surely. I am posting some images of the latest thing I've done.


About two to three years ago a friend Art Seymour sent me some glass cane to play with. One of the canes was Chinese and the rest were his ......... As I am just getting the new studio set up and want it to be very personalized I thought it might be fun to make the drawer pulls for my new smithing bench from the Chinese cane. Following are quite a few images of the pulls as they were made.


First two images are of the cane as received




I started to cut only three pulls but found they would not look nice as they were a little small. You will notice that the holes were far from round. As I make my beads around the hole I needed to re-drill the holes as little as possible.




Once drilled I needed something to use as a mandrel for shaping, this twist drill worked great.





Here are four of the beads rough ground, notice I did my best to keep the cane as large as possible, you can see one spot that is still glassy and not ground. There were four more steps which I did not photograph. As you can see I had an OOPS when one of the beads got away from me while polishing.




Haul pack truck to the rescue with more cane, as Id just cut seven beads it did not take too long to re-cut a new pull. Pulls mounted on the drawers.




Close up of one of the pulls and the bench almost set up. As the cane was cracked all of the pulls have a crack in them but they still look great. I did get one pull that had no crack so its going in Suzi and my bead stash.




All my best ......... Danny

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danny,ain't we getting fancy,man alive.my junk is stored in plastic totes with half an inch of dust on them.way to go,you deserve the best.i read on one forum about a guy that had an opal tooth,so maybe you need some opal decorations for your studio.i am realy anxious to see some carvings come out of the new studio.thanks for the pictures,take care and my best regards,kenneth neaves

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Hi Danny,


Great process development, photo show, for the drawer pulls. The bench and drawers are making me envious of the new spacious studio, having room to build what you want for work benches. Thank you for sharing it with us!



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