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Wooden Gargoyle


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The bagpipe in question will mainly be playing Mediaeval music. (What else with a head like this?)





It is made from Rata wood, an extremely heavy and dense NZ timber. Not exported, and not available even here commercially. I mean, the wood.

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What a great gargoyle! Love it, the undercuts are beautiful, as is the finish. I seem to detect a little Japanese influence, I've seen devilfish carvings with eyes almost just like these.


I, too, want to see this when it's incorporated into the bagpipe. Great job.


Debbie K

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So here it is. The overall picture is not very great, but it's a large object, and I don't know how to take a good photo of it with the camera I have.



This is, by popular demand, the fantastic view the player gets. Just to remind him/her what's what.


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