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First Wooden Netsuke, Dolphin And Baby Merman

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Hi Brett,


Nice work, I particularly love the "twisting" feeling around the tails, seems so real so skin-like.

And btw really enjoyed your mammoth, the fur is ....woaw and the gorilla skull is also nice piece of work.

May I ask you which final grit your using when sanding? and what do you use for polishing? I myself use fine car polishing and sand 'til 1200wet, and I'm quite happy with but always good to hear from other people.

Thank's for sharing (picture and tips ;))


Take care



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Thanks for the 'ups' guys. For finishing my pieces I go pretty simple up to 600-800 grit sandpaper and then Brasso on a t shirt rag, Bingo. Often only 400 grit is necessary but 600 is better.

Getting a good finish on the wooden carving was attained simply by rubbing the piece with a tooth pick which is great for getting into the corners. Burnishing I think? The owner guided the carving through many stages choseing what he was wanting which is interesting being someone elses hands. What can be the most challenging is to find a good place to carve be it on your knee or on logs on a beach under a cave for shade. I had so many carving spots in fantastic scenery that maybe a bit of the joy came through the carving. Who needs power tools?

Glad you like them, Cheers, Brett

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Just wanted to say how good I think all your carvings are. I particularly like this one and the whale and octopus. I like the quality of all three you posted, I like the simplification of the forms. One person referred to it as a cartoon quality (re: the mammoth), but I see it more as eleminating everything but the essentials to get across the idea of the thing.


Really good work, and beautiful finishes on all of them.


Debbie K

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