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Some Of This Month's Projects

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Hello all ...


I believe I have kept all the images to around 50K or less. I know how precious disk space can be on a server!!


I don't really consider my carvings 'art', yet ... more of a craft. I HOPE to get there, one day, though!

I am really taken by folk's work here! I was attracted to the site because of the 'small' carving, as that is mostly what I do.

Here are a few projects from this last month:


Small Guardian Angel - whitetail deer antler:



Angel wing, from whitetail deer antler (this is one of the few pieces I tried using (mostly) hand tools, very little power tools):



Another Guardian Angel (unfortunately, I seem to know WAY too may people having health issues, of late!):




Trachtenschmuck ... this is a piece that will end up on a client's Charivari .. kind of a charm bracelet, but on a pocket watch chain. He supplied the silver 1965 momento coin. It's drilled and pinned at it's polar axis, so it can be turned in the center of the piece. I made a spring clip, so it stays in place, while the wearer is dancing.






Lastly, a simple outline carving on a gourd for a club raffle prize. Whitetail deer antler accent, mounted on a thin oak board, as it was pretty top-heavy without it!





Next I'm going to try a small wood statuette of a gams, similar to the gourd carving image, and maybe a woodcock 'bust' carved from antler.





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