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Gus New Work


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hi all this is my latest peace called the path of life carving time on this one was about 37 hours the material used was cattle bone with a cherry base

hope u all enjoy :)

regards gus










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Very nicely done! Really interesting carving and very well executed. Good polishing job, too.


I like the idea of the stand, but I find the straight line of the white metal hanger seen through the openings of the carving disturbing. I sat and looked at this for a long time, trying to decide if the color were different (say brass or clear glass or plexiglass) or if the shape were different (s shaped to follow or in juxtaposition to the curves) if I would like it better. I do like the side view profile, which shows the flatness and doesn't compete with the carving.


I know it's just the stand, but it's such a nice carving I want to see it displayed where nothing detracts from it.


There's a huge difference between your work now and a few months ago, I look forward to seeing what you do in the future as you are improving your carving and techniques so quickly. Again, really good job.


Debbie K

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sorry i never replied sooner guys thank u all so much for your kind words. Debbie K i see what u are saying about the hanger i need to work on my base making this was my first try at making one with a hanger thanks u for your honesty about it this is why i joined the forum to get feed back and constructive criticism on my art. should have some thing new for u guys soon take care.


regards gus

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