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Wax Ring Carving And Finished Product


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I make custom jewelry among other carving projects.

In order to provide my customers with some idea of the shape & size of the finished product,

I often show the wax carving (lost wax casting)

here (I hope I can upload these images, I am following Janel advice),are two images

#1 wax carving #2 finished product.

4 carat cushion cut diamond center.



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What was the finished product carved of? Nice, delicate work!

I've wanted to try this with antler, but need to get a ring scale, I think so I can make something to a known size.




there is a formula you can follow to figure out what the inside circumference of your ring needs to be. When working with metal you can be off by a milimeter or two on the big side and cut out a little before you solder.


you can figure out what circumference of ring you need with the following:


39 mm = size 0 ring


add 2.5 mm x finished size.


for example, I wear a size 11 so to figure the finished size I do the following


39 + (2.5*11) = 39 + 27.5 = 66.5


I would add a couple mm's to make up for the outside circumference, but carving it out of a less maleable material, you could figure out the inner circumference, then leave a little extra material on the outside. Then you can adjust the inner circumference a little bigger, and then finish from the outside in.


make sure to post pics.


OP: nice work on the wax, that's a big diamond.

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HI, Izzy ..


Very good ... thanks for the formula! Once I get past this batch of work I'm on, I hope to try some rings .. like after July 4th (long week for my German culture group .. and much prep work!). I will be looking forward to a new type of carving!



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