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Hi all. Sperm whale tooth carved into 2 pieces and sold as a set. With original thoughts of an elaborate carving on the surface, when I exposed the texture underneath the wheku (mask) part, there was nothing else needed to be done. Beautiful specimen. Amazing energy. I feel I don't deserve any credit. I hope you enjoy. Billy
















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hi Billy,


I truly love your work - it is very inspiring. This carving is so beautiful and so well done as all I've seen of your work. The subtlety and the pairing of the two sides is great. This pieces expresses the Spirit of the Natural World so well even in photos,that if held it must bring the holder into an altered state of Grace. Thanks for sharing. (I've started carving bone and antler to ingrate with my metalwork - mostly by the influence of your work.)

Thanks for sharing,



Could you remark on the meaning of this piece a bit?

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Thank you Magnus. What more can I ask from my carving, than to inspire others. This piece is very special to me. It now resides in LA with a very special lady, a Hawaiian, who has a number of my works in her collection. Most of my carvings represent a myth of legend from Maori history. And my whale teeth are usually related to the sea or Tangaroa, God of the sea. This piece changed from my original idea after I saw the beauty of the middle section under the mask element. It was so naturally beautiful, I couldn't imagine carving into it. So for me now, this piece represents the body and spirit that resides in the ocean. The body, that presented me with this piece to carve, and the spirit, that guided me to the end result. The main section is the whale, the mask is Tangaroa. Cheers Billy (Gareth Barlow)

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Billy, I love seeing your work, true craftsmanship and now I know why, great to see you honour the material so well.


While I am a carving newby, I find the time I spend with a piece of stone that I am carving and sanding by hand is very long and I get to know it intimately by the time it is finished, I certainly have a deeper relationship with it than whipping out a cabochon on the grinding wheels.



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