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Hi From The Uk!

Steve Cuth

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Hi Guys

Just joined the forum after enjoying a 2 day carving course over here in the UK with Peter Berry a well known carver over here specializing in caricatures!.

I did these two which I was quite pleased with as I had never lifted a carving chisel before but now I`m a bit more critical about them

;) .


Meet `Seth`



and `Bob`



Just bought Wanda Marsh`s book on carving flowers as I`d like to have go at these as I`m treating myself to a Foredom power carving kit. I am also a woodturner and have a few turning ideas I`d like to pursue including carving.



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Hi Steve,


Welcome! You've made a good start with making the tools work for you. When you do get the power tool, please remember to also use the hand tools, They make the details and transitions look so much better.


Keep your tools sharp and carve away from your flesh!



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Welcome and good start! How funny that you have Wanda's book, she'd be delighted to know that people in the U.K. are looking at them too. I took a flower carving class from her, she belonged to a carving club that I used to go to. She is a truly gifted carver. She won all kinds of ribbons here in the states carving birds and fish. I think she got bored; the judges actually count the number of scales and feathers.


Make sure and try to buy the Marsh carver that she makes mention of, it's practically indispensible when doing her method. The Old Texas Woodcarver carries them. The page with the sanding carver is this one. My linkYou need item #1070001. The carver is a holder that screws into a base with a madrel. A triangular shaped piece of sandpaper is rolled up (tight) and inserted in the hollow holder. The ingenious thing about this sander is it bends. You can follow the contours of a piece and push into it and the sandpaper will conform to the piece.


If you're actually going to order one, you may as well get two. They wear out inside from being sanded down. Get the cloth backed sandpaper too. They come with templates and you cut the sandpaper yourself. If you cut the sandpaper too small it flies right out, be careful and only run it on low speed.


There are very few products that I recommend, but this is one that I do wholeheartedly recommend. It takes the drudgery out of sanding.


Welcome to the Carving Path. I'm sure you'll fit right in. Look around in the archives, there are some amazing artists here.


Debbie K

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