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Janel's Video


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Hi Janel

Just downloaded your video - all I can say is FANTASTIC DETAIL!!

I haven't done anything in wood (yet) but must say I am sorely tempted.

As a rank beginner, all my work so far is in beef bone using an Xacto knife set, Files and sandpaper with the occasional use of a Dremel type rotary tool.

(Which has now decided to pull a sickie on me (not work any more for the benefit of you non-kiwis) when I can afford it I'll try to find someone to check it over for me).

Will those type tools work on bone? - or are they what bone carvers use anyway?

Keep up the good work - great site - I've learnt a lot already

Best regards


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The Stephen Myhre style tools, that are described in his book, are great for many kinds of uses. Stephen is a Kiwi, and the tools were inspired by the stone carving tool, made of stone, to carve stone, by early NZ populations. It has been a long while since I read the book. Stephen designed those tools for bone carving. I just started using them for wood because they worked on the dense hardwoods.


You can click your way to his book through this link on my web site: Bone Carving - by Stephen Myhre: A skill base of techniques and concepts


Click on the words 'bone carving' and you will be guided to a web page where you can order it, if you wish to purchase the book.


This is where you can find the movie that Barry mentioned: http://www.thecarvingpath.net/forum/index.php?/topic/939-small-carving-instructional-videos/

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Hello Everyone,

Janel, great video!

In your post you mention the natives of N Z used stone tools to carve stone...does this mean you could possibly make stone tools to carve wood? I am crazy enough to try it. Any one have any input?

Thank you,


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Hi Ken,


I may not have written that clearly enough. Again I emphasize that it has been a long while since reading his book, so I may be off base with my recollection about the tool design. The tools shown in Stephen Myhre's book shows examples of the steel tools that he made and used for carving bone. Those were designed after the tools of the earlier people who carved stone with tools made from stone.


Someone else on the forum may have this book and might be able to corroborate this statement, or correct it for me. I am away from home for a couple more days, and not in touch with my copy of the book.


I wonder about your thought, could stone carve wood? Perhaps the flint tools made in ages past were used to scrape wood into useful shapes. Maybe jade is tough enough to make a scraper sturdy and sharp enough to work wood. Hmmm



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