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Te Whare O Tangaroa


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This carving represents the House of Tangaroa - God of the sea. The main body is the whale, one of Tangaroa's greatest creations. Tangaroa's face can be seen in the middle along with an albatross feather - the great birds of the sea. The piece that goes to the right is the mako shark. Stealth and elegant. The piece to the left is a Manaia - a spiritual guardian and messenger from the spirit world to our world. The various pieces represent all aspects and interaction of Tangaroa's wonderful world. Thank you for your time in looking. Billy


















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I love your work Billy - can't wait till I'm in the windy city so I can visit your studio and see them first hand.

Are they totally hand carved or do you use a "Dremel" type tool as well for roughing out?

Looking forward to the next one.

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Cheers guys.


Baz, I do use a pendant drill for removal and rough shaping. I use for some detail as well. You're more than welcome to visit my workshop next time you're in Welly. I don't often have much stuff around at home. Most are in museums or galleries. But you never know at the time.


Hope you're well, b.

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Cheers guys. The symbols and motives I've used are from traditional practices, but it can be said I've used them in a contemporary way. The reason I've pursued Maori art is because of its beauty. So you could say I use them for this reason. But I always use them in a way that helps me tell the story of the piece. Thanks for the interest. B

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Thanks Bella. Thank you for your kind words. The wonderful thing I find about teeth is that they're all different. They all lend themselves to a different end result. I usually prepare the tooth with sandpaper until I have a beautiful smooth piece of ivory. Then I take it upstairs and leave it on my desk, sometimes for weeks, until it tells me what it wants to become. Kia ora Bella, and good luck.

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