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Mark in FL

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Murphy is carved out of basswood.

The back is Mahogany.

I wanted to post on here to get some feedback. After looking at everyone's work, I almost didn't. I am just a beginner and hope you have some tips that can help me along. I want to work on the back and make it nicer, but not sure what to do without taking away from the carving.



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Hi Mark from FL,


Murphy is quite a handsome fellow. You have done a very convincing likeness with your carving and painting of him.


The image is shadowless so it not easy to see the 3D nature of the carving. Might it be possible to see it from the side in a photo?


About doing something with the background, I agree with Mark. Your intuition is good about not distracting attention from the subject.




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Thank you everyone. Hearing such comments from you is encouraging!! I don't have the plaque to take more photos of, but I will with the next one. The relief is 1". I will use better lighting and do more views to show the carving. Thanks again

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