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First Attempt At Power Carving!

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Hi folks

Had a go with my new carver and came up with these two. I wanted to try something delicate to start with, the one on the left is a `Morning glory` and on the right is a `Hibiscus`. The excellent book I worked through was `Creating realistic flowers` by Wanda Marsh. I think I`m a long way from `realistic` but fairly happy with these first carvings although my painting needs a lot of work.

Wanda advises some exotic wood called Tupelo but I used the next best thing ie whatever I had in the workshop which was some bits of fine grainedTulipwood. The Foredom is a dream to use but WARNING don`t let your clothing get too near to the rotating bit, I did !! and the inner shaft snapped costing me a tenner for a new one. Fortunately I was ok but these machines take no prisoners. I think because they are so easy to use you get lulled into a relaxed way of working , LESSON LEARNT!!.








Speaking purely as a novice I have no idea how you would attempt carvings like these with chisels but no doubt more experienced carvers than I would be able to do it.



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