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"modern Marvels" Question About Miniature Knives

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I received this message and am posting it because more than one member of TCP creates miniature knives. Contact information has been provided.





I am a producer for Half Yard Productions and am working on a new episode of "Modern Marvels" entitled 'Tiny Weapons'. We want to look at miniature knives in this episode and are hoping you could give us some pointers on manufacturers and collectors. Does anyone still make miniature knives that are functional? Could you suggest any collectors who would be open to showing their miniature knife collection on television? Please email or call me at 240-223-3440. Thank you for your help and consideration!


Best Regards,

Philip R. Cloutier


Philip R. Cloutier

Associate Producer, Half Yard Productions

4922 Fairmont Avenue, Ste. 300

Bethesda, MD 20814

t) 240.223.3440

m) 323.810.6369



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