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Hello From The Midwest.

Tim Marrant

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Hello, I joined a couple of weeks back but this is my first post. I've been taking in all of the information I can and admiring the amazing work you folks have posted here, it is both inspiring and to be honest a little intimidating, but in a good way. Not to take the easy route I've recently undertaken my first netsuke. It a ryusa of a octopus and a spiny lobster. I'm carving it out of holly so if anybody has any pointers or suggestions I would greatly apprecite it. I've downloaded Mr.Sterling's e-book, and have read Stephen Myhre's, and Peter Benson's books. I do have a few years experience as a bone carver,and I carved some marionettes out of sycamore. But nothing really the level of detail I'm tryng to get out of my newest project. I'm happy to be here and thank you all for having me.



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Welcome Tim:


It's cool that you were carving marionettes. I used to collect them (primarily) and other puppets. I'd always look for the handmade, handcarved ones. I haven't seen a puppet show of any kind for dozens of years. When I was a kid, folks would do shows at the libraray and other venues; it's almost a lost art these days.


That ryusa sounds like a challenging project, and I'm looking forward to seeing it and your work.


Debbie K

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