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The Reaper Lives - Watch Out


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Hello everyone - I hope you are all well.


Completely different style to Janel's beautiful work posted yesterday.


This is lime - a very easy wood to work with but tends to crumble on particularly intricate details (teeth, fingers...).


I could carry on picking away at this for months but want to start the next work.


Do many of you work on mote than one piece at the same time?


I hope you find the Reaper interesting - it is based on a Durer drawing - a little macabre but I like it.


All the best to you all.







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Thank you Billy. Thank you Thomas.


The lime is very soft and easy to cut unlike the other woods that I have used so far.


I am still learning a lot from each carving I try and from digging deeper into this Forum which is a veritable treasure trove of advice and inspiration.


As you know each piece carved take a lot of blood, sweat and tears (literally), and appreciation from fellow carvers is welcomed all the more.


Thanks again.



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Dinburgh- I find different rocks have different reasons to be carved- from what does it look like to there's an elbow jutting out I'll follow that to see the figure. So carving basic beads quickly answer questions about grain, hardness, and polishability. Which then lead to further exploration on bigger pieces.

I have a multitude of pieces across the counter in various states of completion. Reflecting everything from a short attention span to some where I need to resolve a difficult issue and just need to digest for a short or long time. Or I need to upgrade my abilities before proceeding.

This is where drawing all the time helps amazingly by adding to my ability to see and I get to go back to a part which was a major problem and it flows right along. Perseverance surely furthers! That's a lot of why I keep at it! J. D.

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