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Konnichiwa From Kobe, Japan

Dane L

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I'd like to extend my respectful greetings and best wishes to all carvers out there on the Carving Path....I'm a Brit and have lived in Kobe in Japan on and off for 25 years as an Engineering Inspector. Retirement beckons and at last I have the time to do what I want. I am working on a small workshop to indulge my interests and renovate the wife's antiques (her business). I am beginning wood turning, small boxes mostly. Carving is originally a secondary interest. Frankly, it was of interest as a means to the end of embellishing my boring boxes. Maybe something along the line of UK's "Mousey" Thompson's furniture and bowls decorated will small carvings of mice. Netsuke carving was far from my mind and intention but I recently finished reading "The Art of Carving Netsuke" by Peter Benson. I have a small collection of Netsuke (and some Ojime) acquired incidentally as I followed my passion for Japanese ceramics. These miniature works of art had always fascinated me. Most recently, I inherited a roll of Japanese carving tools from a lady friend of my Japanese wife. Finally, I stumbled on Carving Path. All of these factors have encouraged me to have a go....My first project was just to whittle something simple...my second was to carve my hand whilst trying out a small carving tool. It was a tiny but deep piercing wound that bled a bit. Cleaned the wound slapped on a band aid. 30 minutes later my hand was twice it's normal size and blackish blue. It went all colours of the rainbow over the next couple of weeks. It had carried on bleeding out under the skin! Lesson one - get a carving glove. Next....get a brain. I don't have a body of carving work as yet so I attach some pics of my turnings and my whittling efforts. One has to begin somewhere. On Carving Path I will be in "Monkey See Monkey Do" mode for a while asking, no doubt, some pretty ignorant questions at best. Apologies in advance for that. If anyone out there wants help with things Japanese ask away. I and my long suffering wife Seiko will be happy to do best to assist or at least try to find someone who can help if we cannot.



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