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Recent Antler Carvings

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Hello, all ...


It's been a while since I posed as well, so here's a few of my recent carvings:


Woodcock antler carving, glass bead eyes, local burlwood slice from my property, mounted on a cork backer.



Ditto above



A Rosary I made for my mother-in-law, given to her just a couple weeks before she passed away.

I can't claim credit for the Petoskey Stone beads or touchstone .. nor the crucifix or metal centerpiece ...

I pretty much just did the wire work for the linkages.




Dear antler nameplate

Antler nameplate


One end of the nameplate antler was polished, the other end carved:

Initials carved in end


Sorry for the last two as links ... they posted better there, than what I'm seeing on my home computer.


Best regards,


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