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Its Not A Carving


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I had promised myself that the first thing finished to come out of the new studio would be something for Suzi. Its been nearly twelve years since I had a place to do what I love and over those years it always bothered me when Christmas, Suzis birthday and our anniversary came around because prior to our move I almost always made her something on such occasions.


Well the Studio is getting close enough to being done (at least to work in) that I needed a break in all of my various set up projects so I decided to make the bracelet below for my dearly beloved.


The shank of the bracelet is one of my designs that I have been making since the early nineties. The stone work in the bracelet is cut and fit into a dovetail channel, once fit it is shaped and polished, after this it is all put back into the channel and then with the use of a very small hammer and small home made chasing tools I hammer the silver closed over the stone. Then I have to file where all of the hammer work was done and also clean up the rest of the silver, once this is done all that is left is the final polish.


The stone in this bracelet is very high quality Lapis, lemon Chrysoprase, and what I call green Gem silica , I think the colors worked well together and am most pleased with the results, so was Suzi!!



The image of the inside of the bracelet shows my standard stamps lopacki and sterling, and seeing as though I am going to be working from The Blue Mushroom Studio I made a new stamp that will date all future projects post 2011 and later.


As things come from the new studio I will share them with all and hope that you enjoy what I post, whether jewelry, beads, carvings or whatever.



All my best ............ Danny


P.S. I did have to carve all of the stones!!

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