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Help With Identification Of A Sperm Whale Tooth Carving


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I received this plea for help with the identification of a carving purchased some time ago. I am not an expert in any way, except for what the carvers on the forum have taught me with their works and posts. I turn to you carvers to help this gentleman, if possible.


Thank you for your help!



Here are his messages and images . . .



"I can't seem to find anyone that can tell me about the attached carving, except that its probably not Inuit.

Please look at these pictures:"




"Thank you so much for responding to my query..No one and I mean no one seems to know anything definite about this carving,,I have not seen anything online. An Antique buyer in Denver claims 10-20yrs old and sold in Polynesian tourist trade,,,Why can't I see this anywhere..I bought this in 1986 who dealt as I did in minerals. The frustrating thing is no one can Identify the Icon..I would think if its a widely made product in the Polynesian tourist trade, there would be many samples and vast knowledge..I have to say looking up sperm whale tooth carvings is very frustrating especially for something so typical...Its not unfinished..Its a fine collectable that no one knows anything definite about.


Please let me know what you think,

Sincerely., Shane M."











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Dear Janel,

Long time no see!

Well, I am working hard and carving little... But I still carve! :D

I am not an expert, I know that Benzart will not let me lie here, but it is hard to think that this gentleman could not find anything related to this carving and the deity itself... It is Ku, the Hawai`ian God of War.

A huge hug to the whole forum! Specialy the Bone carvers! :P (Just kidding...)

Let`s keep on carving, lads!


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Hello Sebas!


I think about you from time to time, and am happy to see your message. I am glad that you tune in now and then to the forum. It is good to hear that you are still carving. Might you post photos sometime? Are you still making music? Any new Youtube links to performances?


Thank you for the ID of the carving. I will pass this on to the person who is has this carving..



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