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Toad On Lotus Leaf


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This is new work by Cornel Schneider, from Switzerland. (I posted this for him.)


"The “Toad on Lotusleaf”

Is carved out from one piece and the dewdrops are turned and polished on my small late.

The case is turned and carved from acrylglass on my big late."


Work in Progress:


toad in progress 042.jpg


toad in progress 050.jpg


toad in progress 054.jpg


toad in progress 055.jpg






toad project 019.jpg


toad project 021.jpg


toad project 024.jpg


toad project 032.jpg


toad project 033.jpg

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Thank you for position this wonderful piece of art Jamel. The detail is staggering. I believe this is a prime example of "ukibori" if I am correct (I read about this site) I think the photo showing the gloved hand is in the process of creating the skin texture. Such talent, I will never view a frog the same way. thank you & Cornel for the pleasure of viewing this wonderful piece of art. Robert

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Thank You all for your attention and compliments

to my newest work. I am very delighted :) !!!!


Whim.Wood, this is a special compliment and I feel honoured

if my work can inspire the creativity of other people and artists !!!


And a big Thank to You dear Janel for support me here on

TCP all the time, all the years :):):)



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Swiss precision,stunningly beautiful; what a masterpiece.


How long did it take you from conception to finish?


As a beginner in any sense, I just can't wrap my mind around how many years of practice it must have taken to create such a wonderful masterpiece.

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