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Which Stage Of Love Is Yours?

Kurt K

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Whats your poison at this stage of your journey?


Recently, I was encouraged to look into doing a “winged heart”. Winged hearts represent to me an ending of something dear to me. And as so many times before, just in time I had somehow this stone in my hand and realized that it ideally represents just that. So “Hell Freezing” was born. The crystals continue to break off at the tip, so I stay away from finishing it there. Just about fine too, because it should represent heart-break anyway! Can’t remember the name of the material, but I know for sure that it is not Brazilian.


While doing “Puppy Love” and “Hell Freezing Over” I thought of a reason for this recurring theme turning up in my work.


It seems that every heart that I have worked on over the years has a different meaning and represents a different stage in our life.


Stage one:“Puppy Love”

Carefree and unconditional, Sweet and candy-coated. Easy to get, easy to lose,

Without lasting repercussion, it’s just sweet friendship.


Stage Two: “Bitter Sweet and Melting”

Tastes soooo sweet and has a rich taste. First taste of real attachment,

Heated passion, getting struck: World around us seems to stop to exist.


Stage three: “Getting Serious”

With passion comes responsibility Solid and well rooted, it needs two people,

working together in harmony, to make it work!


Stage four: “The Keepers”

Feeble attempts to stroke the flames Beautiful, yet expensive to maintain.


Stage Five: “Hell Freezing Over”

The fires are down, Passion has turned to resentment.

It seems like the end of the World.

Still remembering the sweetness, the heart turns to stone/ice



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