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Fire Agate Obsession

Kurt K

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Just saw Lopecki's post on Fire Agate and thought it a good idea to bring up the theme again.


When you follow at the links on his post you will understand why I said "obsessive addiction" when I got into chasing colors in Fire Agate. Its a stone that is surprisingly unknown outside the Americas.


My work is by far not as impressive as the one Lopecki has shown us, but still, let me try to wake your interest before this wonderful material is mined out.


This one is done except for the back (I will do the back only when I know what I'm going to do with it)


Strange mirror effect, showing the polish



This one is already worn, but certainly needs a new setting



The following is in work



And the best material that I had the chance to get my hands on (not even close to finish yet)



Thanks for looking,

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Nice stones and nice cutting. You may have inspired me to cut on a few again. Sometime this week I'll put a few more stones in this thread and perhaps you and I can get some on the forum to give Fire Agate a try.


I have quite a bit of good rough so if there are some on the forum that have an interest send me a message and we will see if we can't work something out.


All my best ........ Danny

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Thanks Danny,


Yes they are OK, but most still have a long way to go.

I think I will get back into it once my other interests cool down. For the moment, I'm simply too happy to experiment with other materials and there are just sooo many possibilities.


I still got about a kilogram of windowed pieces.

So even if I don't find another supplier soon, this will keep me busy for some time.


For me, a limited market is not too much of a problem as I don't plan to sell any time soon, and the time needed to do a nice piece is still more fun than a burden. All is rewarded, when people stare at you wearing a piece and wondering what those things are.


A lot of people like Fire Agate, yet very few are willing to spend the money needed to obtain good quality. Here in Asia, everything is about known prestige, so a good Fire Agate valued in the thousands is out of question. :blush:


Never been a follower of anything, hence Fire Agate is just right for me. :D

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