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First Try To Carve Jade

Kurt K

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Dear all, I started this project a few months back without real plan as to what I want to achieve.


That's what I started with



The only thing that I had on mind was creating a hollow orb. Unfortunately I managed to break one band, so I had to take out another to get some balance back. Due to this mishap, I decided to try something far out of my league as a novice and started to form a hand. This picture shows as it was end of August.



Following some rather frank remarks from a friend, I set upon it again, refining the overall shape and sanding from 320 grid.Stepclosertofinish.jpg


So that's where I'm now, but I still can't get a picture-perfect finish.It looks good enough at hand, but as you can see clearly in the pictures, it needs a lot more attention.


Being the first attempt, does not justify the imperfections that remain, if I want to ever catch up to some of you fantastic artists. So any suggestions are much appreciated.

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Are you sure this is Jade? By the shape of the stone rough it looks like something other than Jade, perhaps Amozonite.


All my best .......... Danny



Dear Danny,


Can't confirm that it is Jade, but Jade around here is usually imported cheaply from the Americas and then misrepresented as Burmese.



I have never worked with Amazonite, but from what I hear it handles differently in comparison to Nephrite / Jade. The only thing I can confirm with certainty is that it is not Serpentine.


Greetings, Kurt

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Thank you Brent and Brian,


I'm still have a long way to go, but you got to start somewhere.

For me its a personal challenge to prove that I can do something people around me think can not be done. LOL It's fun, and succeed or fail, each brings it's own rewards and experience.


Since pictures where posted, I found another sequence of sanding, and the end-result is much much better than the pictures here show. It is on a 98% mirror-polish now and permanently featured around my neck.


Thanks again for your kind words, I too have enjoyed your contributions on the forum and try to learn from your creations (shapes).

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