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Northumbrian Carver

Davy Tee

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Hello all from beautiful Northumberland.


I am very new to carving having fell into it by accident. I have always loved anything to do with wood and trees and havnt worked with wood since leaving school some 27 years ago.


I am using just a carving knife at the moment working with Lime making wood spirits and the like and learning the techniques required to do basic carving.


i am hoping to move onto a power carver soon (Dremel sort of thing i was thinking).


So i look forward to contributing to the forum and learning from those that have much wisdom.

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Welcome to The Carving Path, Davy.


The power tool is only part of the success of a carving. The hand tools really make a difference with details and completeness of the design of a piece. Learn what you can do with both kinds of tools. Reading the many years of posts about hand tools will be educational.


Again, Welcome!



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