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Raven/owl Ring

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Hello everyone,


Seems ages since I've posted anything here. I've been so busy this summer reroofing the house and such - I have barely had time to even look much at all the lovely work of others here @ TCP.

I just finished this commissioned ring. - The main stone is the clients tourmaline - about 40 cts. All the little stones are sapphire with the exception of the pyrope garnet in the mouth of the Raven. I cut the cabs myself - the garnet has a small five pointed star carved into it to represent a rowen berry. Also the tree is supposed to be a rowen tree. Though this was initially carved in wax and cast in sterling - there was a lot of finishing with gravers and chasing tools - had to make a few new punches to get inside the shank to detail the little barn owl. On the whole, I am very happy with the results. I think the wing and shoulder of the raven in the tree could have been done much better but it's so darn small in real life that it works out alright. I will be delivering it tomorrow - Seems a fitting ring for Halloween eh? I do hope the finger size is right.

Feels good to be back here.

Blessings All,











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Hi Magnus,


Thank you for sharing this new ring. What a complex project. I am enjoying a long look at it. The owl up inside must have been quite a challenge to carve. It will be a great surprise for anyone handling it. It is great to see your work again.



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Thanks to all for your compliments - these mean a lot to me coming from such artists - it does encourage new works.


Yloh - the whole ring was first carved as a wax and cast in one piece - the owl was therefore carved in the wax but finished in the silver with chasing and engraving.

here's a photo of the owl in the wax and again before the finishing.Also the ring in rough cast state.







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