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Bone Carver From Wales Uk


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Heya and welcome. :)


I also carve bone (This is something I've made from beef bone : http://www.thecarvingpath.net/forum/index.php?/topic/2595-first-work-on-forum-bracelet-piece-in-bone/ ).


I really love the finish you can get with bone and a high polish. Where you can just see the patterns in the bone under a kind of transparent uppermost part.


Nice hook : )


I've also made one but I've not photographed it yet.


Do you use a carbide rotary thing for the roughing out work?


What is the second object?



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Hi Brian

Nice to meet you!! I had a look at your carving ..Great work you do !!! I like the two tone effect you have done .


Ive only started carving recently so im new to this kind of thing

I use a rotary tool with different burrs.. i tend to stick to tungsten carbide burrs especially Tyrolit brand as these seem to be best for bone from what i have noticed so far .


The second one was just practicing doing funky arrowheads .I have done a few and sold a few also latley which is good.

I will upload more pics tomorrow as i have done a few the past few weeks :)

Look forward to seeing your hook !!


What do you use to get the finish on your work ?

Ive been using micromesh.Great stuff!!



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