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"Christine's Fighter" Sr Johnson Knifemaker, Barry Lee Hands Engraver

Barry Lee Hands

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Hi Barry!

Amazing work! So perfect and so idealy done!

Could You please write to me your e-mail, I would like to introduce your work to Russian collectors. Sorry, I couldn't send a private massage to You, this function didn't work. :blush:

Yes Natasha, and thank you.







I will be attending the Milan knife show which is at the marriot hotel in Milan,Italy. I will not have a table, but will walk the crowd looking for interesting knives to buy. If anyone needs to find me at the show they can leave a message with the knifemaker Emmanuel Esposito

I will be staying at the Boscolo Exedra Hotel december 2-5.

My USA phone may work there, the number is 406 249 4334.


Thank you Natasha :)

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