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Steve Hoel Large Sheffield Engraved By Barry Lee Hands

Barry Lee Hands

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The description:

Large Sheffield with 416 frame, ATS 34 Blade and Spring.

Engraved by Barry Lee Hands, framed with 24k raised gold borders with 24k twisting gold leafwork on Barry's "Black Satin" background, the leaves are mounted with twenty five natural brilliant cut Saphires, and two natural Alexandrites surrounding the exhibition grade white pearl inlay.

The the twisting leaf pattern continues onto the Pearl, which is inlaid in 24K gold with Barry's original Gilded Pearl technique .

The spine is decorated with 22K gold rope borders and Barry's "Two Hands" signature in Burnished Gold.



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When an artist with your level of skill post a new piece it's hard to comment as it's always excellent work. For what it's worth I like this knife a bit more than the fixed blade you just posted. Then again I like folders because I've carried one everyday since I was about 5 years old.

So what does a guy that can create something like this carry for a pocket knife?


Thanks for posting,



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