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Miniature Air Rifle

Richard P

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I had a bit of time off work so to keep me from going mad i made a few miniature air rifles.

The action,under lever and barrle are all silver.The internal working parts i made from work hardened nickle because of the stress on them when being cocked and fired. The stock i carved from cherry [didn't have any walnut at the time].







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Hello Richard,


That is fine, precise work with the little parts in wood and metal.


I would like to remind you to resize your photos to follow the guidelines posted at the head of each forum area. The most important one is to get the file size (memory part) down to under 100 k for each photo. http://www.thecarvingpath.net/forum/index.php?/topic/1446-photo-image-size/


Thank you for posting the images. It is great to see what you are doing.



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Truly awesome, as an ex-machinist I have an understanding of what it took to make this wonderful piece.


You have inspired me, now that my new studio is 95% and I am taking this fall and winter off from finishing it off so I can finally play in it hopefully I’ll be able to post some things of interest for all to see.


I wanted to put a lathe and mill in the new studio some time in the future but got offered a trade that I could not pass up this past summer, an Austrian milling machine and a not well taken care of 1972 Southbend lathe. Got sidetracked in a total rebuild of the lathe and just got it fired up this past weekend. I have attached an image of the lathe, it was truly a mess when I got it and after hundreds of hours work I am very happy with the results.


All my best ........ Danny



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