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Shark Hei Matau And Friends

Bella Nicol

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Just a few new little goodies... Mostly still in progress except for the Manaia, it is all done!

The Hei Matau needs to be bound again, and the little sharky guy needs to be bound period!

The Hei Matau are cattle bone, the Mako shark has salamander shell inlay and tea stain.

The finished Manaia is Elk antler and salamander shell inlay.


Before the little shark, the piece of bone was much larger, and was going to become something much different. Unfortunately my bone split in half. So instead of making that one large piece, I made two smaller ones. This explains the deep gouges in the one side of the shark.

Thank you for your time looking!





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HI Bella,


Thank you for sharing the photos. I like the contrast between the receding areas of the shark that were more and less polished, and that the less polished area took more stain. Do you know what might have caused the bone to split while carving it?



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Hi Janel,

You always have the finest questions, and I look forward to hearing what you have to say!

I believe the bone split because the bone wasn't cleaned properly, and there was too much oil impregnated into the bone after boiling it. Fortunately, I still has use for it. Thank you for your feedback I very much appreciate it,

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