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First Carving Project - Ornaments


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Hi Kaity,


Those are very sweet carvings. What wood did you decide to use for them? Did you use acrylic paint? Did you use hand tools to carve with?


I would like to point out that your images were not resized for the forum. Please read the guidelines, which are the same as the guidelines that were included in your welcome letter when you registered. Here is a link: http://www.thecarvin...oto-image-size/


I will resize these for you, since it took quite a while for my slow internet to download before I could view them. It will save other folks the download time, and will also reduce the amount of storage that each image takes in the data file.


One trick is to crop the background that is blank, and then set the sides to be approximately the suggested pixel dimensions of 640 x 480, and then save for the web at 72 dpi at between 50 to 100 kb. Your images are 2592 x 1936 pixels, and 1624 KB, or 1.62 MB in file size.



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THank you Janel for fixing the pics. I ended up using basswood. I started on some plum and holly but need to have someone show me how to sharpen my tools as I can tell i'm not doing it right. Going to try and find a club near by. So far I have just used knives.

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