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Nephrite Jade Bangle

michael B

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Hi Michael,


That is lovely. It is enviable that you are able to find your own jade to work on. Jade is such a marvelous and seductive material.


The most exciting stones I find are little bits of jasper and agate from the glacier deposited gravel that is spread on our gravel roads. Many others are very interesting. If I dared to walk in the nearby gravel pit, perhaps larger stones are to be found, but this pit is so busy that I dare not go in there.


Thank you for posting the photo.



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Thanks Janel

I don,t think there would be to many places left where one could fossic for jade, consider myself lucky, I enjoy carving stone, I usually spend about an hour every afternoon after work, self employed, the region where I live has heaps of gemstone deposits, jade, rhodonite, chrysoprase-prase, opalite, ruby, garnet, sapphire, malachite, and the list goes on.


Cheers michael B

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