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Hello From Michigan

David W.

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Greetings everyone, I hail from the Detroit metro area and am returning to carving after a 25 year break. I used to carve a lot in my twenties but as family grew my time shrank. Most of my work is small as you can see from the pictures. I had a slow day so I was on this site the better part of the day amazed at the level of artistry here... I almost didn't post my work after seeing what you are all up to :D

Have a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!







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HI, David ..


Nice work! ... lots of variety! I like the chip carvings. I thought of trying that soon. I have some 'carving' knives, but not the chip knives, per se.

Lots of different woods. What is the bird and deer carve out of?


I'm in Michigan as well .. up in Petoskey. I get down in the 'Detroit' area (Utica, Troy), almost twice a month for most months, due to music and dance practices with a German verein I belong to down there. Perhaps we can meet up sometime ...


Best regards .. and keep up the good work!


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Thanks for your kind words guys,

I think a couple of things I would like to do is have better detail in my future pieces, exploring texture and smooth on the same piece. Also use an oil finish that is not so glossy like most of what you saw in my post, plus experiment with paint and dye similar to the style of Jacques Versery... I know; these are some lofty goals but this site has inspired me to do something better once I finish a small bowl I'm on (it is more like my old work).


Dennis the bird & deer are carved from basswood I obtained while living in Virginia some 28 years ago.

It would be nice to meet with other carvers in fact I want to search out some shows in the Detroit metro area and Frankenmuth to see others work, books, knives, wood.....


- David

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