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Merry Christmas all

Thought I'd share some of my latest efforts - not very good I'm afraid as the bone quality is not the best.

However the idea comes across quite well.

As always constructive criticism is welcome.

Should point out that I only used modelling knives and sandpaper with these ones (plus a drill for the holes)






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Thanks Pete

It was a commissioned piece (by my Wife - who wanted it for her boss) - they are both heavily into trapping Eels and transferring them down stream to a place where they can reach the sea. It represents the Eels and the Boss's first initial "D"



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Hello Baz,


It is good to see what you are carving these days.


Why trap and move the Eels?



Thanks for your comment Janel


The longfin eel is indigenous to New Zealand and can live for over 120 years.

They're also of major significance to my Wife's people (NZ Maori).

There are three major dams on the river that is being worked which were not there when the eels moved upstream form the sea originally, and the eels cannot get back down past them (no fish ladders etc)

The eels being transferred have reached the end of their life cycle and need to return to the sea so they can breed before their time is ended (they only once in their life time).

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