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Mat Roop

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Hi Folks, I am a violin restorer who has for some reason been challenged with the restoration of a replica 6" high La Pieta sculpture.... the fingers are broken off on one hand.

Never worked on carvings before so will need lots of guidance... hope I will not be too much of a dufus :P

I will first need to identify the original material ( faux soapstone I think)and the repair materials... which forum section will be the best to start posting at?

Thanks Y'all! Mat

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Hello Mat,


Welcome to The Carving Path.


Good wishes to you for finding help with your restoration project. Perhaps "Tools and Technical" might be the place to post the topic. Are you able to provide photos of the piece and a detail of the broken area? (Please remember to prepare/resize your photos for posting, the guidelines were in your welcome to the forum message.)



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