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New Member, Prospector, Hard Stone Carver.


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Hello to all the carving path members. Looks like a great site here with lots of information about carving. I am a new member and i am also a prospector who has recently got hooked on hard stone carving. When i was a teenager i had made a few carvings of "soft" materials like wood, wax, and aluminum but recently i have started carving hard stones and have fallen in love with jade. I am a prospector and gold miner by trade so i spend a ton of time out in the bush travelling around the rivers of B.C. Canada and find a ton of neat rocks that i bring home with me. I started polishing some of the rocks i was finding and then progressed to more shaping and eventually carving.


I am looking forward to continuing to learn and grow in my carving and i think this is a great place to help me do this. I will also start a thread with pictures of some of my recently completed pieces and might even post some of my works in progress. I am glad to be here and hope i can contribute to this great site.






P.S. I usually go by Sampson but that handle was already taken here so i just added "man" to the end.

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