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Green Stone Carvings


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I just recently joined The Carving Path and i thought i would post some of my recent creations. I have got hooked on carving hard stone and have really enjoyed making these pieces. I currently have a small diamond blade wet tile saw which i use to get the rough shape, dry bench grinder which i use to bulk off material (with a respirator of course) and a cordless dremel with samll diamond bits. I usually hand wet sand all my pieces and although it takes a ton of time i find it to be almost theraputic or medatative.


These pieces were made of some stones i collected this spring along the Fraser river B.C. and when i first found them i thought they were jade. They have a lot of jade like qualities such as hardness 6-6.5, specific gravity of around 3, great translucence of thin pieces, and extremely hard and tough to carve, but most of this stuff seems to be more of a conglomeration of different materials that i can't really call it jade. It may have some areas of nephrite where it has the usual fibrous or "stringy" jade look but i also think there may be large areas of massive grossular garnet, maybe vesuvianite, maybe bowenite, and there are inclusions of what may be chromite and/or magnetite, as well as other things i can only guess at. Some areas have a serpentine look but it is so hard and heavy that it falls out of the normal ranges of serp. No matter what the exact composition and make up is i really like how it carves and shines when sanded well as well as the overall look of finished pieces.


This is my first try at attaching pics here rather than just linking to my photobucket account so hopefully i get it right. I resized them to try to fit the guidelines but some of them are a bit over 50kb and if i went much smaller they lose a ton of the detail in the pieces.


First piece is a large bead which i am currently wearing.













Next piece is a small fishhook style. Pretty basic since it was the first one i made out of this stuff.












Next is a concave pendant i made for my neighbors wife for Christmas. I spent a lot of time sanding this and it is really smooth and almost feels soft to touch.
















My last piece here is not yet finished and is a little more intricate than the other pieces. I haven't decided how exactly to finish the body and head or if i am just going to finish cleaning up the lines and start sanding/polishing. I'll be sure to post more pics of it when i finally get it finished.












Hope it is ok to post this many pics in one thread but if i should limit it a bit just let me know. Also hope you like the pics.










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Nice stone and carvings, most jades do contain other minerals as you mentioned, your fish hook looks like nephrite, felted actinolite, this is where it becomes confusing, nephrite is not actually a mineral, it is either felted actinolite or tremolite, changed by earth movement on a fault of subduction zone, both these minerals can also be found not felted and are not nephrite, they are not tough, a blow with a hammer soon tells the difference.


Cheers mick B

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Thanks for the info Mick B, I have fallen in love with jade and even though i have spent a ton of time researching it this past year i find it difficult to learn all the intricacies of it. I guess that is why the true jade masters have devoted their entire lives to it in order to become the masters they are.




Good to see you here too Kurt, I had seen The Carving Path before but never joined since i hadn't been doing much carving but recently i have found more time for it so i thought i would join and contribute a bit. I can't wait to see how i am going to finish the dragon too but so far i haven't found the inspiration for it yet. The more i look at it the more i want to do a lot of detail on the body and head but i just haven't quite got it figured out yet. I will be sure to post the results when i do though.





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