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Simple Effords Of A First Year

Kurt K

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Happy Holidays everyone.


Sorry for dropping off the board for quite some time. I actually drop in quite often to read and learn from the posts that you so freely share. Its just, I'm not very eloquent with words and your fantastic work deserves better that just a "great" or "Fantastic". And posting myself is something that I'm not really comfortable with yet, as I still have a long way to go to justify posts in this talented pool of artists.


I just passed my first year since starting to cab and carve simple things. Simple lines and snakes lead the way this year. SimplelinesandSnakesleadingtheway1.jpg

Then came a few more desirable shapes.


And sometimes I get lucky and things work my way like in my five favorites for the year.


From left to right: Biggs Jasper, Indian Black-rind, Jade, Mahogany Ribbon Obsidian and Psilomelane (Crown of Silver)


I love best when things work out like in the Biggs and Black-rind; when you find a natural picture and then just frame it or add a little to it.


Now my latest; is something that I look forward to repeating. In the future I shall try adding smaller details, as I learn to be comfortable with. Its a 54mm Montana Agate Fantasy Sword.




In parting; let me thank everyone here for all your invaluable contributions, wish you happy holidays and a prosperous, productive and healthy New Year.

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Greetings Kurt, Now I know why I don't exhibit my work. Your colors and shapes are a pleasure to admire. I hope to get to your stage in the near future. Good carving for 2012 and a healthy New Year....Colin


Thank you Colin,


as said before, it's all just for fun, let it flow and enjoy the journey.

Unlike most members here, I have no talent in drawing up and planing my ideas. I just start something with a basic idea and then let's see where it goes.


Keep going and show us your creations. The positive effect sites like this one here have is immeasurable, as not only have members excellent advise but (for me at least) I want to push myself to get where those fantastic artists here are.

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