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Guest ford hallam

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Guest ford hallam

Morning all,


Big suprise this morning here in England, the sky is Blue! and there is a strange yellow ball in the sky, seems pleasant though.


The purpose of this notice is of a somewhat serious and important nature.


I`ve just learnt that one of our members here on the carving path, namely Larry Harley, he of the big hillbilly roccoco knives, ;) is a little unwell right now. As a consequence of which, he is unable to work. In an attempt to support him the knifemaking fraternity are organising a raffle of a couple of Larrys pieces. The proceeds will be of help with medical expenses etc.


If you feel inclined to lend your support, and I know it would be graciously appreciated, please use this link

knife raffle


thank you for taking the time to read this, and take care,


Ford <_<

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