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Josh Murray

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Hi everyone, my name is Josh. I recently stumbled upon this forum and really have been enjoying it. I have been working as a sculptor for about 14 years or so, mainly movie and theme park props as well as jewelry making primarily in sterling silver. I have carved wood and stone but still have much to learn in those mediums. Most of my experience is with wax, foams, clays, and metal. I am a big fan of making my own tools and learning new techniques. If anyone is interested you can check out my online gallery here http://flintlockprivateer.deviantart.com/gallery/




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Hi Josh,


Welcome on TCP. I'm sure you will fit right in. Nice work by the way. I had a look at your online gallery...impressive work.

I also had a look at your wax carving tutorial, and I know about nothing on this technique but does the wax piece is there to help you with the silver model later on, or do you mold it? Sorry, for such a basic question, but if you feel like giving an answer, I'm all in ;)




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Welcome Josh,


I am interested about wax carving also. If you wish to help us to learn more about it you can do it in the Techniques or Tutorials forum areas, or which ever one seems to fit the nature of your discussion. May I suggest that if you start a discussion about the carving wax, you might start in Tutorials, and make a topic that is linked directly to your Deviantart tutorials as the basis of discussion. Those are great and are already in place, and have 'previous' and 'next' buttons, making the navigation between steps easy. Thank you for investing the time for posting the tutorials on Deviantart.


I already learned something about making a sphere from a geometric approach. Thank you!


Welcome to the forum,



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